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All on line reservations/bookings have to be confirmed from the Museum board. For further info call the number +39 349 6087713




Casa Museo del Sapone is an old, restored 19th century building where to learn about the history, science and technicalities of soap, which started to be produced in 2800 B.C. Olive oil soap is a typical product of the mediterranean tradition, as it was produced in cities like Marseille (France) or in Castilla region (Spain) or Aleppo (Syria), contributing to the local economy and the development of these places.

The museum opens ONLY under reservation and the tours are guided. The duration of the tour is around 50 minutes. The ticket costs 6,00 euro (standard), or 3,00 euro (for children between 5 and 13 yo and groups of a minimum of 15 people).


Casa Museo del Sapone – Sciacca

Via Cartabubbo 30

92019 Sciacca AG

Tel.: 0039 349 6087713


Buy our museum card and become “friend of Casa Museo del Sapone”. It costs only 1 euro and with it you will contribute to make our soap collection more rich and furthermore have a 10% discount when you buy online our Saponi&Saponi cosmetics.

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